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Intense Hair Therapy

Our Intense Hair Therapy combines scalp stimulation, exfoliation, hair repair realignment processing with state of the art equipment to treat hair loss and damaged hair. Elite Emage is now introducing its MicroMist product to complement the Intense Hair Therapy.  The cutting-edge MicroMist technology uses ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles that penetrate deep into hair follicles. The treatment lasts just more than six minutes, with several minutes of warmth and a brief shot of cool at the end. The heating activates the molecular movement of treatment agents and swells the hair follicles, allowing the treatment agents to permeate deep into the hair, down to the roots. A shot of cool air from the fan draws vaporized heat and rapidly slows the molecular movement of treatment agents, locking moisture inside hair and sealing in shine. 

Each Intense Hair Therapy session lasts for approximately an hour and a half.  Call us today to schedule a consulation at 214-485-2133! 




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